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"Instagram Reels Success: The Essential Guide to Reels Content Planning for Reels Newbies"

How to plan scroll-stopping Reels, get 1,000s of views, increase your following & sell more products.

"The planning process is gold. I've seen one other how-to on making Reels and it was not good. Well done!" - Tami

The guide comes as a digital PDF - read on a laptop, tablet or phone, or print at home.

My Still Image Posts Are Getting Stale, And Engagement & Reach Are Plateau'ing - Help!

Does this sound familiar? 🤔 You've been posting consistently and your audience is growing, but you've heard about this cool new feature called Reels, and you're a bit addicted to scrolling through them yourself...

You know everyone else is creating them, they're getting thousands of views, growing their following faster than ever, and getting way more clicks to their website...

You know you need to get started with Reels too and grab a slice of that pie...

😫 But you've no idea where to get started!

Maybe you even tried to post a Reel, scrambled some footage together, didn't know what music to use, and it didn't perform any better than your other posts, so you gave up.

It doesn't have to be that way...


How this guide can help you speed up reels creation, and achieve outsize impact on reach & engagement...

This guide takes you through the exact process for planning Reels that we've used to generate tens of thousands of views for our clients (without spending a penny on boosting them).

  • Increase engagement, organic reach, clicks to your website, comments and likes with beautiful, well-planned Reels
  • ​Create a coherent narrative for your Reels content that tells your story effectively and logically - not a second of your audience's attention wasted
  • ​Hook your audience in from the first three seconds
  • ​Convey valuable information and educate your audience in a scroll-stopping way
  • ​Speed up the content creation process - no more reshooting content when you realise it doesn't fit your idea
  • ​Save you time and money on recruiting and briefing content creators

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what people are saying About this guide...

“I've been using the planning methods outlined in this guide to get 10s of 1000s of views on my client's Reels - without spending anything on ads. Reels have had a disproportionate impact on clicks to our website and new followers (as well as hugely increasing engagement) - performing far better than our usual still image posts."

Madeleine MacDonald, Paid Ads Specialist

“Thank you for making this. Up until reading your resource, I had no idea how to even go about making a Reel. I know that I should make Reels, but I just didn't know how to go about it. I like the way it was broken down into simple actionable steps."

Tina, Blogger & Educator

The planning process is gold. So much of the info out there says 'make Reels!' I've seen one other how-to on making Reels and it was not good. Thank you so much for allowing me to preview this! Well done!"


“It’s the entire process from [idea] to posting in one manual. You don’t see that often. There is a lot packed into this book. I think it’s such an in-depth resource."

Diana, Marketing Strategist

what's included in this guide?


What are the key features of a Reel and why are they important?

In case you need a refresher... skip this if you're already convinced!


Step-by-step guide to planning your Reels

The "mini snowflake method" for planning your next Reel: how to go from a one-sentence idea, to nailing down what your audience sees in each chunk of the video.


Printable, copy & paste master planning spreadsheet

The exact master spreadsheet we use to plan our clients' Reels that you can copy & paste as many times as you want and start filling in today (or print out and fill in by hand!). Skip to this section - this is what you came for.


Pre-publication checklist

Subtitles? Trending sounds? Three-second hook? Make sure you haven't forgotten any of the elements crucial to a successful Reel before you hit 'publish'!


Tips for shooting and editing

The three tools you need, and how to use them together for maximum effect. They are all designed for amateurs - no professional graphic design or editing skills needed whatsoever - and take no more than an hour to get your head around.


What if I'm creating Reels for Instagram ads?

The extra considerations you need to be aware of if your Reels are for ads, rather than the organic feed.

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but i'm not a graphic designer! i don't have a finalCut pro subscription! i'm short on time to learn this stuff!

If you're desperate to get started with Reels but you're worried that all the planning in the world won't help you, because...

❌ You don’t have a graphic designer on your team…
❌ Or a videographer…
❌ Or a creative strategist…
❌ Or a full-time content creator…
❌ Or a Final Cut Pro subscription…

(If you’re any of the above job titles, you’ve probably got it covered - this guide is not for you.)

Success with Reels does not rely on professional video editing skills! All you need to get started with this guide is is your smartphone and a couple of software tools that are designed for non-professional, (some of them even totally free and the others you might already be subscribed to anyway ;) 


What can I expect to happen after implementing this guide?

This case study is included as an example. No results can be guaranteed, and your own results are entirely down to your brand, product, skills and efforts.

For the purpose of example and inspiration, here's what happened when we started creating Reels for one of our clients using the planning methods described in this guide...

So what are you waiting for?!

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